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Hoverboard Grip Tape

Our Hoverboard Grip Tape is inspired by the back to the future hoverboard, it is a must-have for any Hoverboard user who wants to keep theirs safe and keep them on the move. Our Grip Tape is manufactured to keep your Hoverboard charged up and going.

Hoverboard Griptape

The Hoverboard is a dang good ride on self-balancing electric skate, it's not just good engineering, but good customer service too. You can always for a this back to the future Grip Tape is inspired by the hoverboard, it is manufactured to be able to holdة so when you get your Hoverboard Grip Tape today you can be sure that you are in control and can use your board with ease. This griptape is fabricated with a natural fruity smell and feels good on the skin, it is a back to the future skateboard Grip Tape and is produced of anti-hoarders material. This griptape will make your skateboard with a different look and feel, this fruity skateboard Grip Tape is a powerful and long-lasting Grip Tape that helps keep your boards in top condition. The Grip Tape is fabricated of natural dyes that will become part of your skateboard’s look and feel, and is conjointly vegan and gluten-free.