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Gotrax Ion Led Hoverboard

The Gotrax nova Hoverboard is a sleek and new Hoverboard that is dandy for admirers who yearn to get up to speed with the latest trends in self-balancing devices, this device comes with an 6. 2 mph dual 200 watt Led wheel, which will help you reach your destination quickly and easily, additionally, the device presents gotrax's certified ul2272 self-balancing device, which will keep you moving even on low conditions. Finally, the new Hoverboard presents a stylish and modern design, making it terrific for any user.

Hoverfly Hoverboard

The hoverfly is scooter that is powered by gotrax's 200 w Led electric scooter, the hoverfly features an 6. 2 mph speed, an 25 mph forward speed, and a left- handed design, the Hoverboard also imparts an 25 mph forward speed, a left-handed design, and a battery time of 10 minutes. The hoverfly is a self balancing Hoverboard that uses gotrax's 200 w Led electric self balancing hoverboard, this Hoverboard gives an 6. 2 mph speed and is capable of flying for 6 miles before needing to be landed, the hoverfly also offers a built in speaker for listening to music or voice commands. The Gotrax Hoverboard is a top of the line scooter! This product is an 6, 5 Led electric scooter that offers a self balancing feature that keeps you safe and secure. The Gotrax Hoverboard is excellent for enthusiasts who covet to go for a day of hiking or climbing, the Gotrax hoverfly is a sleek and lightweight Hoverboard that uses the latest in technology and re-chargeable batteries to let you go where you want to go. This board is designed for kids and adults who covet to explore the world and explore the featured attractions for money, the hoverfly also features an 200-watt Led light that will light up any room or hallway with ease.