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Barbie Hoverboard

The Barbie Hoverboard is a top-notch remote control Hoverboard for 12 Barbie this remote control Hoverboard grants a cool design that will make your Barbie feel like a lost girl, it comes with an 12 v rating, making it valuable for children who are not yet 12 years old. The Hoverboard also grants a natives in pink and purple, making it unrivaled for kids who admire to play games and explore the world.

Barbie Hoverboard Toy

The Barbie Hoverboard toy is a fun alternative to add a bit of fun to your environment and the mattel Barbie starlight adventure remote control Hoverboard toy is just as fun with her new Hoverboard ability to hover, the Hoverboard can be used for gaming, exploring new areas or just having fun. The Hoverboard for Barbie is a splendid alternative for your doll to get around! She can use the Hoverboard to click through the channels on her scooter, and to click into position for click n play play, the Hoverboard doll is a fun and effortless to operate Hoverboard that can beorld-anaftertellers can control her around the home or office. The Hoverboard is covered in light green lights that shine down on her body while the sound of her footsteps can be heard coming from outside, this Hoverboard is practical for children who crave to get up and explore new places. This is an unequaled item for people who wish for a pink Hoverboard for their barbie, this toy is an 2. 4 ghz toy that is for Barbie only, it grants a remote that can be attached to the toy and can control the toy with a few clicks. The toy also imparts a few built-in features that can control the toy including: a rev console, a forward and bank control, and a head control, this toy is an outstanding addition to collection.